February 1,2015

The messengers called hormones


This article is a sharing of  personal journey leading to cure hormonal imbalance with intetion to motivate and show,that conventional hormone treatment is not necessary and that hormone system can be balanced through the change of diet,life style and through a process of personal inner changes.This was a long journey that led me to a many new findings and experiences which I can now use in my work and pass to others.

When the trouble showed up for the first time,I was already practicing hatha yoga and I didn´t pay much attention to it. I believed that with the time the problem will get resolved due to hatha yoga and meditations by itself. Next to prolonged menstruation which took practically three weeks every month I was experiencing bigger and bigger difficulties with digestion,skin condition,legs  swelling and weight changes despite my food intake was due to the way I felt zero zero nothing. Because I was  aware of the fact that every disease and physical discomfort is a state of mind,more and more I started to observe what kind of thoughts  in my head dominated.I consciously started changing my thoughts . I was intentionally putting an attention to the things,events and activities that  were making me feel good. But to change the thoughts is not an easy task. With the time I created a certain mechanism within myself that allowed me to experience euphorias and rise above painful thoughts and memories. But in a weak moments those suppressed thoughts came back  in their full  charge.I was more and more curious how could hatha yoga help me in taming the mind and wanted to make my yoga practice more conscious work,so that I knew exactly  what I was currently working through. Despite I liked hatha yoga,the answers and the teachings  I was getting from my teachers to my questions led me to a decision to leave yoga classes.I didn´t intend to exercise for 20 years to  conquer my ego and wait if there was going to be any change and I wake up healthy and  in peace one day.

I was aware of the intense evolutionary process we as a  humanity  have been going through . I felt that there has to be something much more effective with faster results to help me calm the mind than years of intense yoga practice. Two years went by and my health condition was getting much worse. I could not ignore it anymore. I didn´t go to see a physician because I had a strong belief deep within myself that I can heal myself. There were moments when I was considering such an option but  each time my conviction and mainly my desire to heal by myself were growing. I was still thinking and asking  how I could help myself from the old pain and negation.Until one day when I went for a walk with my dog I stared at the Sun. And that was the beginning of a new  phase of my life and conscious spiritual growth.

There is an intense change in thinking  due to  looking directly at the Sun at sunsets or sunrises (more in the article Taming the mind). This causes a vibrational shift and the change of the diet is required by the body. I  changed from vegetarian to vegan,mostly raw vegan. The body was asking for tons of  fruit and vegetable and I realized  how much  it was undernourished due to inappropriate diet,despite it was vegetarian diet.Besides other things the Sun also stimulates the function of hormonal  system. All of my physical  difficulties disappeared literaly from one day to another.I felt like never before.I was full of energy  and was waking up every day happy with the  expectation of new things  the day was going to bring to me. But I was also experiencing a period of time,when I didn´t need to sleep at all  as I was full of impressions and  joy  the life was bringing me and that I was finally enjoying. I was in this state for almost a year and to my big surprise in the fall when there was less and less Sun,my problems started reappearing  and shortly they were all back. This was a big surprise and I had to start asking again,now with even bigger question marks.... This cannot be caused just by a state of mind.

When we keep asking,the answers show up. For me new answers came in a form of a book „Woman Code“ from Alisa Vitti. I was literaly shocked when I learned about the extention of the hormone dysfunction problem worlwide. The number of hysterectomies (partial or total removal of female organs) done on women exceeds 600 000 only in the USA, in the Czech Republic there were 20 000 operations done in 2010 and the number is growing every year.I found out,what kind of problems girls of a very young age already have. This book made me even more interested in the subject,so I started learning from all different sources about what is going on in our bodies and about things around us sabotaging our hormonal system and mainly about how we could help ourselves. And I was also thinking about what this situation is mirroring to us as a humanity.

I decided to visit a physician to find out what I was really dealing with and where I could aim my attention to. All the results were in a norm,only the level of progesteron  to estrogen was lower. The hormonal system controls all the functions in our bodies and does that through particular ratios of hormons towards each other.Progesteron keeps a uterus tissue in a place ,which in my case was not happening and there was an excess bleeding. I refused the hormonal treatment offered.

I continued on my journey. I eliminated as many chemical products as possible,including the cosmetic products and replaced them with organic ones.I started to be interested in functional food and its effect on hormonal system. I adjusted  my diet to  the needs of the  body in each phase of the month cycle to support its function. I  made changes in my lifestyle and intensively worked on the subjects of the second chackra. I discovered many adopted unhealthy opinions and thought patterns ,which  needed to be eliminated.I  worked through them. And my health problems started to diminish again.

During this season my work with the Sun was deepening. I started taking over the responsibility for my own life. I freed myself very much when I realized ,that I have chosen my parents with an intention of spiritual growth.In that moment I was able to feel real unconditional and honest love towards both of them. In that moment I perceived them as my brother and sister and the Earth became fully my mother and the Sun my father.
Those who dedicate themselves to work with the Sun,hear the voice coming from deep within. With the time the voice becomes clearer and gives the answers to our questions and points out the direction.It was the Sun who asked me to heal others  through him. Before I had a chance to ask how to do it,all of sudden I knew it. The first I have been asked to heal was a girl with  hormonal  dysfunction manifesting as PCOS and causing absence of menstruation.We spoke to each other over the Skype and discussed the situation.I ended the call in order to catch the Sun at its sunset.It was the same day when the Sun announced me I could help her and  so I did the work on energetic levels at this sunset. Then I took the walk with my dog and before I came home,I have forgotten all about it. But what a surprise it was when I learned the following day that after more than a year this girl got her menstruation back.

At that time I was introduced to hormonal yoga,which I started intensely practicing and  which was making me feel very good. This  practice is adictive and  works on very deep levels. No wonder  that it has reached the root cause of my health issue and after a month of practicing my hormonal problem was back in its full extent. And thanks to this I realized that the core of this problem is hidden somewhere else and that to work just at physical and mental level is not enough. But I started observing that something was sabotaging also  other spheres of my life. I din´t know where to look and what else to do in regard of self work. I lived  peaceful life,was meeting kind  people, had a nice thoughts, ate raw mainly my own produced food,was avoiding chemicals ,drank sprink water from the woods where I was going for a regular walks with my dog,and was taking bath in a water from our own well. One day I stood in front of the Sun and announced that I didn´t know what else  to do. Then I went for a walk with my dog as I usually do and suddenly I heard the inner voice saying: „Your body has all the nutritions it needs and the thoughts are not the cause. You have to look deeper!“ It only confirmed ,what I already felt. But how? How deeper?

That night when I went to bed around  ten thirty I connected to the Sun and asked for help to find the root cause of my health condition.How surprised I was when the inner voice woke me up around one thirty and took me to see myself when I was about 4 or 5 years old. I was sitting on the chair in the room with fireplace in my own cabin and had this girl sitting on my knee. I didn´t understand what it all meant.There were no emotions and it quite bothered me,because with each look at her the pictures of the childhood injustice were rising in front of my eyes. „Wait!“ I argued. „I have dealt with the childhood issues and with the realtionship to my parents – I understood and took all the responsibility. „ I didn´t feel any negative emotions towards  none of them anymore,because I felt everything from the higher perception. „ Yes that´s  true,but you didn´t take that little girl with you,“ was the answer. Then I was supposed to explain to the girl all I understood  as an adult person. And afterwards I was supposed to lovingly hug and accept myself to my life. It took me little while to do so and I cannot describe what was happening inside of me.But at the very moment when I was able to do it from the bottom of my heart,the long ,deep, heartbreaking uncontrolable cry took over me. Then I felt asleep.I woke up around seven in the morning and all my health problems were gone. And I knew that this time I was really healed.

And then big Wow followed ! I realized how fast the levels of hormons were reajusted  and also that I´ve just received the answer to a question which was bugging me for a long time. „ If there is a certain matter on the energetic levels (our mental or emotional body) which is not in harmony with our being,how does our „being“ lets the body know where to manifest such a dysharmony and through which condition?“ It is through the hormones! Do you understand? The hormones are the connections,the bridges, the communication mechanism between the physical body and the energetic world. I was fascinated with the speed the hormon levels change  after releasing a certain energetic blockage on emotional or mental level.I have immediatelly stopped thinking about the years of physical discomfort. I was very happy and felt grateful for the finding I experienced on my body.
I´ve never understood those who are always engaged in work with childhood truma and why they are doing so when we have a law of attraction which works and we can direct our attention in positive and joyful direction.But after  what I have experienced I started to understand a bit more and I became curious about this subject. Using the power of thought and directing my attention I could also suppres my health condition,but not  to heal it. From curiosity I wanted to have another meeting with that five year old girl. It was a huge surprise to me when that girl looked physicaly completely different than before and than I really looked at that age. I have always been overweight and definitely never been this thin,happy and smiling child,who was now standing in front of me. I was shocked with what I was seeing and got even more interested in all this childhood staff. I started the adveturous journey of work with inner child and was amazed with my new findings. I understood the term „childhood  trauma“ when I reexperienced them in my child work experiments. I have been clearing the childhood traumas and disharmony with ease and joy,every time  with big relieve and energetic change I feel on myself. I  have been eliminating energetic blockages created in very,very early childhood,which have been sabotaging my current  work regarding conscious manifestation and creation. Through this work I am changing my past and at the same time the present.

When I look back now,there is a lot what I have learned during the struggle with my health condition and what has become a solid foundation for my work with others and myself.I have healed myself from very difficult condition in the past,but it was  after I woke up healed from this hormonal dysfunction when I felt a huge relief and victory. I felt a deep appreciation  in front of myself , because this condition gave me a hard time,took four years  and brought me to the moments of hopelessness. If I accepted conventional hormonal treatment  or let the healer to heal me miracuously I would miss valuable experiences and especially the big step I made toward „Myself“. I followed my inner desire to heal myself. And so I did.

Every desease is a message through which you are trying to say something to yourself. And if you understand this, then you will get healed and get plenty of priceless presents on top of that. The power to heal themselve has each of us within ourselves. There are no privileged ones.The healing of each illness or condition happens on three levels,which can´t be separated – physical,mental and emotional. It does not matter on which level you start the healing work,because it will always connect you with the remaining two.

Based on this experience the seminars and individual consultations called  “Zenska sifra“ were created. In personal consultations I share my findings in nutrition,sugest particular tools and hints on how to improve state of mind and explain how to consciously work on ourseles. All that with supportive intuitive  work on energetic levels underlined with unshakeable conviction that every disease is curable. I become the guide and support for others on their physical and spiriual journey, enjoying  their new realizations,findings,healings and valuable experiences.


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Author of an article and the photography: Martina Atiriamin Christová
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