Solar Notebook / Sluneční Zápisník


The work with the Sun doesn´t mean just to follow a certain method and to keep rising time interval,when we can look at the Sun as described in the articles "How to look at the Sun".The most important the Sun can offer is something which is hard to describe. I was thinking for a long time how to pass on  what is difficult to put into the words and how to bring what´s happening at the meetings with the Sun closer to the others.Than I had an idea to start writing a Solar Notebook where I can share my feelings,insights and the experiences I have with the Sun.My intention is to share the spiritual work I do on myself and point out the tools I have been using and which work very well for me.

The Sun spreads its arms to  everybody.The question is if we can also open ourselves to the Sun. Those,who succeed and get to know the infinite intelligence,love and the wisdom which the Sun is literally pouring in a stream to the Earth,will never stop gazing at the Sun.

The communication with the Sun is happening in the heart,which is necessary to be opened.We have all heard about opened heart.But what it really means and how to achieve that, is not really easy to answer.The heart is literally another being inside of us. It even has its own brain cells and you can find all the universal knowledge there – in the heart. You will also find a love there. Not in the head,in the brain.The brain does not feel love,but the heart does.And it´s the love that is the key for communication with the Sun.If you  desire to connect and communicate with the Sun,you have to warmly,honestly and selflessly love him.Not just to talk about it,but feel deep affection towards the Sun as to a live being in which the all universal wisdom resides.When the Sun comes out,when the sun rays reach you,your heart has to open up and shine with love towards the one,who transmits this life-giving energy.This love of yours will then start spontaneously spreading to everything around you as well as the loving sun rays do.If you connect with the Sun and start sungazing regularly,you become the Sun yourself.You become what you are looking at often.The essence of the spirituality and humanity is not about the informations and the numbers of books read,but it´s about how much and how deep we can feel.The person who can feel honest and deep love in his heart shines as the Sun. And again, only a person with an opened heart  can feel and see this shine.As well as the Sun.The Sun will respond to the love you will be sending towards him.With your heart you can see,hear,think,feel and touch the others.If you wish to connect with the Sun,you can immagine that your heart is at the Sun,while you as a physical being are here,on the Earth.

We live in a time full of informations.The information is one thing,but its deep inner understanding  literally changes the biochemical processes within the whole body.But  the deep inner understanding happens in the heart again,not in the brain.Every other deep understanding is a step forward to your own heart and also a step forward to a Creator himself.The work with the Sun is a journey. With the Sun, it is just like with the ocean. When you look at the ocean,all you can see is just a water.But when you start diving,you see all this underwater world.The deeper you dive you see new species of animals,plants and minerals. With every day and different location you see something new.You can never really say,I know the whole ocean. And it is the same with the Sun.


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Author of an article and the photography: Martina Atiriamin Christová

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