How to look at the Sun (III)


If you decide to continue sungazing after 6 months of this practice you can expect other benefits which sun entering your body through the eyes can provide.If you start the third phase of sungazing – interval from 30 – 44 minutes (6-9 months of everyday practise),you might experience the following:

Higher brain activity,awakening of psychic abilities,increased spiritual awareness,reduction in food intake with the possibility of transition to living from solar energy.

According to HRM method,once the interval of 44 minutes has been reached ,one should stop sungazing due to a possible damage to an eye retina.The energy received from the Sun in 9 months (in our weather conditions the interval is longer than 9 months) needs to be preserved by reducing sungazing to 5-10 minutes a day or barefoot walking 45 minutes a day,6 days a week on bare earth for one year. If you do not preserve the energy,the body will get discharged. When you walk bare foot your body weight puts a pressure on your toes and stimulates a certain glands in the bran. The big toe represents a pineal gland (the third eye). The other glands represented by the toes are pitutiary gland,hypothlamus,thalamus and amygdala.The barefoot walking has many benefits for the whole being and it is worth practicing.

My personal experience: As mentioned  in my previous articles on this website – the one who opens his heart , sees  the Sun as an intelligent being and connects with the Sun in his heart ,that person will never stop sungazing.
I haven´t had a chance to practice sungazing in such a conditions where I would see the Sun every day for a long time period,but at the shorter time period of a sunny days here in the Czech Republic  where I could look at the Sun every day,even this short time periond already makes difference and the results are much faster and more effective.
I don´t intend to stop eating and live from the solar energy,but the more solar energy I take in through the eyes,the less food  the body requires.
After ten,eleven months of irregular sungazing I started experiencing increased spiritual awareness and realized the limiting thought patterns which were forming  my reality.This gave me the chance to work on releasing these patterns in a very easy way.This is the time, when the consciouss work with the Sun just begins.There is a growing desire for more nad more sun light. The eyes are getting  stronger and stronger. Here the work on a deeper DNA and cellular level begins,the dormant brain centers are getting activated as well as the DNA.The mind is getting stronger which makes it a reliable tool of creation of your own reality. I came to a conclusion that sungazing and work with the Sun is a journey,not one time life practice,as introduced by H.R.Manek.

Suggestion:If you live in the conditions where you do not get the chance to sungaze everyday,on such a days go for a barefoot walk. Walk on bare earth or sand,if possible.If you sungaze often, naturally you start feeling the urge to walk barefoot.

Need to be aware: Sungazing has a  deep energetical cleansing effect,so on a physical level one can experience this in a form of feeling sick,vomiting,diarrhea,fever,etc.You need to be aware  what might be causing this situation and trust the process.

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You can also learn more about my personal  journey with the Sun by reading the Solar Notebook at: http://www.slunecnabrana.eu/Slunecni%20Zapisnik/solar%20notebook.htm



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