June 30,2014

How to look at the Sun (II)


In a previous article of this series  called “How to look at the Sun“ some  basic safe  instructions on how to proceed to absorb the lifegiving solar energy through the eyes and what are the impacts on our being when reaching  15 minutes interval are described. Let´s take a look  what else we can expect from this practice if we continue with sungazing and  reach interval 30 minutes.

If you have reached interval of 15 minutes of looking at the sun during the safe hours,you surely feel the benefits of this practice on your  psychic and mental state.If you have tried to look at the Sun at its sunrises and its sunsets you could notice that sunrise and  sunset,each of them makes you feel different. We speak of the sunrise and sunset energy.
Sunrise has  the energy of action, male energy. It feels like the Sun is saying „ I am here,hurray into a new day“. The sun rises up,shines and gives  energy to everything that is alive ,us included,to our body and the mind so that we can create,work and enjoy the life.
On the other hand the sunset has a female  energy,loving – warm and nourishing for our soul. It supports our deeper connection with our inner self,our higher self,if you will. It opens the heart and allows us to see and sense things we do not usually pay  much attention to.

My  own opinion and experience:  Choose what makes you feel better. If  it´s sunset,look at the setting Sun. If it´s sunrise,look at the rising Sun. The fact that one of these speaks to your heart louder is not a coincidence.Listen to your intuition.I have been deeply touched by the sunsets when I am able to listen to the Sun,learn and remember.Especially at the moment when the Sun starts getting orange until it disappears behind the horizon,which is in my case about 5-10 minutes before the actual sunset (set by the meteorologist for the particular day and location).

If you decide to bath your eyes in sunshine at sunrise and at sunset  in one day and if you prefered the HRM method to your intuition adding 10 seconds of sunshine gradually every day into your eyes,HRM recommends to split the time interval into two parts.For example,if  you´ve reached 5 minutes of sungazing,you will look at the Sun for 2 minutes and 30 seconds in the morning and for 2 minutes and 30 secondes in the evening. I like this alternative with longer time intervals. If I look at the Sun for 40 minutes,it is time saving to look at the Sun for 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening.

In the second phase of the practice – in the interval up to 30 minutes (3-6 months – assuming every day practice) you start experiencing the following:

Improvement of the vision,stronger immune system,improvement of the chronical conditions and migraines,increase of the physical energy,eating less,increased resistance of the organism to the higher sunny temperatures.

In this time period the brain is able to accept the whole color spectrum of the sunlight through the eyes and properly regulate the energetic flow to the particular organs of the body. The function of these organs is influenced by the particular colors of the light spectrum. The kidneys by red color,the heart by yellow,the liver by green,etc.The colortherapy works on the same principle.The process of the healing can be supported by the visualization of the completely healthy body. If you can do the visualization while looking at the Sun, the visualization is strenghtened by the Sun,through which you communicate with the Source. This method of healing is very strong and I myself use it to heal  others. While doing the visualization I intensely use also my feelings and emotions.

At the end of this period,it means at the end of the sixth month ( in our climatic conditions it is going to be most probably longer than 6 months) you can observe your body to be able to absorb more and more sunlight and use this energy for the physical and mental activities.For this reason you might experience your body desiring more and more sunlight.You will feel the desire to expose your whole body to the Sun.If you live in appropriate conditions allowing to expose yourself to the Sun fully,do so. Like that you will be as close to the source energy as possible.

My personal experience: Consuming clean,not chemically treated food,avoiding toxins in the surrounding environment and with gradual exposure to the Sun you don´t have to fear  skin cancer and any other health complications. Like that you will activate natural protective system of your skin which is pigment melanin. Melanin causes the darkening of your skin,sun-tan. We have  suppressed  this natural mechanism by using and applying  sun lotions with hight UV filters on our skin. These sun lotions are only a mixture of aluminium and other chemicals,which are being absorbed into the body.The skin is also the biggest excretory organ of our body and the chemicals we get into our organism from the food and the environment are toxic and are secreted by the skin. These toxins secreted by our skin react with sun radiation and cause an unvanted reactions on the skin. It is not the Sun to blame,but the toxins.Instead of the sun lotions you can use the organic sesame oil which can reduce the effect of sunshine on your skin for 30%.The similar situation is with the eyes.The sun light strengthens the eyes. Using the sunglases weakens the eyes and they are getting more sensitive to the sunlight and generally to the light .

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Source: http://solarhealing.com/,http://sunlight.orgfree.com/history_of_sun_gazing.htm

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