How to look at the Sun (I)


It´s been said that the eyes are the windows of the soul.Why not to open these windows and let the soul feel the essence of home through sunlight? The Sun has the closest vibration to the Source you can experience on this planet and its light is literally a balm for the soul,body and the mind.

Looking at the Sun is an ancient method and a tool for spiritual and  physical transformation known to Mayans,Egyptians,Aztecs,Inkas and in the early times also to the priests of Catholic church. We do not have many informations about  this method,as with the time it has become very uncomfortable ,unwanted and forbidden.It has  an amazing healing effect on  the  body,mind and the soul, which  we try to achieve with many different  methods,meditations,exercises  and  other spiritual  practices.The Sungazing is very strong,effective and is available to all for free.

How to safely look at the Sun?

Look at the Sun within one hour after the sunrise or within one hour before the sunset when UV and IR index is 0. H.R.Manek,who has been bringing this method back to life,  recommends to start looking at the Sun for 10 seconds  and add another 10 seconds each following  day . In three months we should reach interval of 15 minutes looking directly at the Sun.In a case of skipping some days ,continue adding 10 seconds to the interval you reached the last time you sungazed. For example: You´ve reached  5 minutes of sungazing  and you cannot continue for the following 3 days due to the weather condition.  Add 10 seconds the 4th day and continue with the time interval 5 minutes and 10 seconds.It is important to look at the Sun as regularly as possible – if the weather allows so.

My personal experience: Consider the intensity of the sunshine. If you look at the Sun just before it is setting down when the intensity of the Sun is very low,you can look at the Sun longer than 10 or 30 seconds.Listen to your intuition and look at the Sun as long as it is comfortable for you.Consider also your diet.If you are vegan or raw vegan,your body is vibrationally much better prepared  for another raise of vibration providided by the sungazing.In the opposite case I recommend to  proceed systematically and more carefully.Be prepared to change your diet. As the body raises its vibration,it won´t be able to accept certain food. Don´t force yourself. Let the body quide you and eat what it asks for.

Don´t look at the Sun with glasses  (dioptrical or sunglasses) and contact lenses on!

Don´t look at the Sun if you fear to damage your eyes and if you don´t trust this practise!

My personal experience: Looking at the Sun in a safe time interval is more pleasant and less aggressive experience than looking at television or computer screen for several hours.

If you have a chance,stand barefoot on the bare earth such as sand or dirt when you sungaze.It is recommended not to stand barefoot on the grass.If the weather is cold,leave your shoes on.

When the weather is warm it is recommended to walk barefoot on the bare earth.Ideally 30-45minutes a day.

Drink sun charged water. The spring water would be the best. Fill the glass container and cover it with non plastic lid.Leave  5-8 hours on the sun preferably standing on the dirt or sand again.Use this water to drink or as an eye drops or facial toner.You can add a crystal quartz cluster into the jar. It works much better than just a single terminated piece of crystal.You might experience the water tasting sweet. You can also leave the jar outside during the night and get some extra touch of the Stars and the Moon energies :)

During the first phase of sungazing  - up to 15 minutes (1 – 3 months) you can expect the following:
Inner peace,joy,good mood,positive thinking,emotional balance,euphoria from the life,negative emotions like aggression, anger,jealousy and envy start fading away,stress and irritation diminishes.

Be aware:

You start cleansing yourself on a deeper levels-your body,mind and the soul which might lead to some ascension symptoms like headache,dizziness,sweating,stomach ache,nausea,etc.In such a case I recommend to continue sungazing when the symptoms dissipate  and proceed slowly by adding 5-10 seconds of sungazing a day.

Recommendation: Don´t look at the Sun with eagerness and high expectations of the results.Open your heart to the Sun and try to feel the impulses it sends to you.The Sungazing provides much more than the words can describe.

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The Sun

 Source: http://solarhealing.com/,http://sunlight.orgfree.com/history_of_sun_gazing.htm

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